Treasure Record

Treasure notes
  • Keep track of your own totals, expenses, and losses. Some lost everything (Vennman, Moog) or nearly everything (Nameless, Baffin) at some point.
  • If you can correct something, please do so or tell me what to fix.
  • The gold from Sessions 5 and 6 was not split, because different people were missing those times. I divided by 5 and rounded down. Also, the party may still be carrying around unsold loot from the Banewarrens (Sessions 5 and 6), but only if Nameless and/or Snow have been doing so.
  • The party likely is still carrying around the valuable medallions from the dwarven crypt beneath the safe house (Session 9), probably by Nameless.
  • Need to distribute the goblins’ gold from the last session.
Session 13: The Five Traitors
  • Alba Torvak’s stash of fine ale.
Session 12: Dwarves and Dragon Skulls (150G each, except Nameless 188G and Baffin 137G)
  • Recovered loot from kobold infestation: 750G total (150G each, except Baffin 100G for returning 50G to officer and his men).
  • Ransacking of Hayden’s house by Nameless and Baffin: 75G (38G Nameless, 37G Baffin).

Session 11: Escape from Gate Pass (none)

Session 10: An Unexpected Ally (20G each)
  • Inquisitors posing as Pelor clerics: 100G in chest; Baffin took 3G, 5sp, and locket from fallen inquisitor.
  • Baffin’s lute earnings: 10sp (minus 1sp buying round of drinks for workers).
Session 9: Blades of the Resistance (unsold medallions)
  • Dwarven crypt: 4 necklace medallions with symbol of fort (100G each x 4 = 400G total; the 5th medallion was given to Buron and the resistance).
Session 8: City Under Siege (14G each)
  • Aftermath from fight in the military depository: cloak of resistance +1, ironskin belt (to Moog), 70G, axe for Moog, healing potion for Moog.
Session 7: Caught between Empires (5G for Baffin)
  • Baffin’s lute earnings: 5G.

At the end of Session 6, Vennman and Moog were taken prisoner by the Inquisition, and Nameless and Baffin were shaken down by an inquisitor.

Session 6: Grim Times (1667G total=333G each, and unsold loot)
  • Earth titan’s treasure: 2000G total, 2 suits of leather armor, 2 suits of chain armor. note: 333G paid to Malachi from 2000G treasure.
  • Duergars’ treasure: 2 magical staves, 2 warhammers.
Session 5: Into the Banewarrens (225G total=45G each, and unsold loot)
  • Gold bars taken from Balacazar estate: taken by Inquisitors in Session 6. Monies taken from fallen adventurers in pit: 150G total. Weapons (5 knives, 6 short swords) taken from fallen adventures in pit: not yet re-sold. Monies taken from fallen adventurers in chain guardian’s lair: 75G total.
Session 4: Mayhem in the Mines! (689G each, except Baffin 685G)
  • Monies taken from mine sentries: 5G each, except Baffin 1G only.
  • 1) Payment (1200G) by arms dealer for weapons (glaives, bows, axes, mace) taken from the elves and half-orcs, 2) 2000G taken from Belial treasury, 3) 100G taken from bullywug priest, and 4) staff taken from bullywug priest (120G): 3420G total (684G each).
Session 3: Malachi’s Murder Mystery (200G each)
  • 1) Monies taken from half-orc gang, 2) fenced armor taken from bodies of Samantha’s elven henchmen, and 3) staff taken from tiefling necromancer and wand taken from half-orc gang leader: 1500G total (200G each; 500G total deposited in Hammersong Vaults).
Session 2: Dark Relic Revealed (160G each for Nameless and Baffin)
  • Fenced items taken from mausoleum in Necropolis: 160G each to Nameless and Baffin.
Session 1: The Party Gets Started (25G each)
  • Payment by Citadel of Might for completing mission: 25G each.

Treasure Record

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