Adventure Timeline

Night 0

Party assembles by coincidence and encounters dusk elves and Atelier.

Day 1

Party explores Necropolis, locates second piece of Lolth’s Bracelet, and defeats the tomb guardians. Cloud visits Snow.

Day 2

Party learns the identity of Lolth’s Bracelet and its power, and the possibility that another piece is hidden in the caverns beneath Ptolus. Party is pulled into a bar brawl. At the Overlook Tower, the party fights off Samantha the necromancer and her elven henchmen. Afterward, Cloud springs a trap on the party in the sewers, but they defeat the gang of half-orcs

Day 3

Party visits Balius, who tells them to seek Malachi Longshadow for help in searching the Ptolus caverns. Malachi is held prisoner in the northern town of Larth. Party journeys to Larth and learns that Malachi is sentenced to death for murdering Reita, the daughter of the mine owner. With permission from Rason Wind, Larth’s Town Elder, the party begins investigating the murder but find the mine owner and his employees uncooperative. Party chases Silasi, the manager of mine operations, into the mines. After he attacks them, they kill him and discover Reita is being held as Silasi’s captive. Fighting off guards, the party returns Reita to Rason and secures Malachi’s release. Party sneaks back into mines, overpowering more guards in the process, to investigate altar. Party defeats bullywugs and xorn and loots and defaces altar dedicated to Belial. Party and Malachi journey back to Ptolus.

Day 4

Party agrees to hire Malachi and search the Banewarrens for another piece of Lolth’s Bracelet. Party and Malachi enter the Undercity and visit Alistair Blunt’s haberdashery. Party obtains aid from Arthur Clapsash, enters the Balacazar estate, and steals the key to the Banewarrens.

Day 5

Party returns to the Undercity and enters the Banewarrens. Party defeats a chain guardian inside the Banewarrens. Party confronted by earth titan and frees it after slaying its captor, his brother. Earth titan transports party to sealed entrance leading to piece of Lolth’s bracelet.

Day 6

Party opens sealed entrance, defeats duergar guardians, and survives supernatural cold protecting the piece of Lolth’s bracelet. Party acquires the piece but falls unconscious.

Note: Day 7 and beyond actually take place 20 months after Day 6.

Day 7

Party awakens outside at the base of the Spire, near the Nobles’ Quarter of Ptolus. Weather indicates winter has arrived, though party entered the Banewarrens in late spring, and fires burn throughout the city. At the Minstrel, the party learns that 20 months have passed since they entered the Banewarrens, the Emperor was killed in battle with orc tribes, and the Empire is on the verge of war with the northern elves. Leska, Supreme Inquisitor, now leads the Empire and the inquisition to remove non-loyalists, such as magic-users, from the Empire. Party makes partial payment to Malachi for his services.

Day 8

Inquisitors accost Baffin and Nameless in South Market and arrest Vennman and Moog in Tavoh’s Bakery. Snow, Nameless, and Baffin learn from Cloud that Vennman, Moog, and other prisoners are being taken north with an army attacking the city of Gate Pass. After getting horses, the remaining party members catch up to the army and meet resistance fighters from Gate Pass who instruct them to ride ahead of the army and await developments at the Inn of the Five Flags in a village just outside Gate Pass. Vennman meets a fellow prisoner, Barrackus, leader of the resistance organization.

Note: Day 9 and beyond actually take place 2 weeks after Day 8.

Day 9

In a surprise attack the night before, the resistance frees Barrackus, Vennman, Moog and the other prisoners. In the morning and with the Empire’s army close behind, the resistance rides into the village where Baffin, Nameless, and Snow are staying, and everyone flees for Gate Pass. Inside Gate Pass, the party officially re-unites. Barrackus tells the party to meet his associate Torrant at the Poison Apple Pub the following night. Party spends the day in Gate Pass exploring and refitting Vennman and Moog.

Day 10

Party continues exploring Gate Pass and seeking information about Barrackus and the resistance. The party learns that the city leaders are split between appeasement of the Empire and remaining neutral in the war between the Empire and the eladrin empire to the north. At midnight, the party meets Torrant who asks the party to aid the resistance. Their discussion is interrupted by an attack by the Black Horse mercenaries as well as an attack on the city. The party and Torrant defeat the mercenaries.

Adventure Timeline

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