Vennman (DECEASED?)


Vennman stands at about five feet and six inches tall… At one time, while working for the Town Guard, he was 140 pounds and had a “cop belly”. Now, after his life imploded, took a trip through the fire forest… and basically became cursed by several Gods. Venmann has dropped to 110 pounds and now dresses completely differently.

He’s shaved off his beard and long hair and now masks his appearance from the world… or from the people who want to turn him in. He also bought a “fine” Goblin Two-Handed sword that he has strapped to his waist, to throw off people’s assumption that he’s a wizard.

Venmann has taken to “rolling his own” smoking weed. He also has given up eating meat, drinking ale and apparently has given up on women… So he’s like a vegan, straight-edge, wizard who blazin’ 24/7/365. That’ll dull the pain ;)


Vennman (DECEASED?)

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